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The Mind's Vitamins

So often, people think that going to see a therapist means you’re broken or traumatized, or that something is seriously wrong with you. Unfortunately, for many, going to therapy still carries the stigma that someone is weak or isn’t as strong as they should be.

However, what if going to see a psychologist actually meant something different? What if going to see a psychologist actually created space for you to dig into past experiences that have always just felt “off” or that hurt you in the past? These experiences sometimes carry a felt sensation that is inexplicable through words. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t carrying the burden of being hurt, misunderstood or abandoned. Exploring these feelings or experiences in a safe and controlled environment can allow you to process and heal.

Another barrier to treatment that often comes up is that belief that “Other people have it much worse than me” or “it wasn’t that bad.” Although it may be true that someone else’s experience was different, a therapist can remind you that it’s not a competition or comparison for who is deserving of healing their pain. Suffering occurs in many forms, and everyone will experience it. However, everyone also is deserving of being seen, heard and of having someone bear witness to their pain. When you seek therapy, a sacred space is created whereby someone is present to sit with you in your pain. It is a space without judgment or criticism.

Most people only seek counselling when they are in a time of crisis. But what if we started to look at counselling as more of a preventative action? People take daily vitamins, go for massages or yearly check-ups as a means of maintaining their health. Booking weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly appointments with your psychologist is like taking those vitamins for your mind. We live in a world constantly filled with stress and frustration. Having a professional who supports you, offers new insights and creates a safe space to process whatever is going on in your life might just support you in the end game!

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