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Group Therapy

Group therapy looks different for everyone. At Inner Light Psychology, group therapy is often an online intervention that focuses on delving into your experiences, feelings and ways of thinking. Using a well-known book as a platform, a foundation is built, which allows you to discuss your beliefs and experiences, and process them through creative and reflective exercises.

Benefits of Group Therapy

While individual therapy can be very helpful, group therapy offers different benefits. First, it allows for a sharing of common experiences, which subsequently leaves you recognizing that you are not alone. Although everyone's experiences are different, the theme of a group will often bring together people who can relate to your experience, when others might not be able to.

Another advantage to group therapy is that it is often more cost effective than individual therapy. Group sessions tend to be two hours each week, for a number of weeks. This allows you to really feel supported and get traction in whatever area you are hoping to work on.

Group therapy can support people with depression, anxiety, trauma, attachment styles, and many other concerns.

Discussing Books
Girl in Therapy
Girl in Therapy

Groups that Inner Light Psychology has offered have used a number of different books as a starting point. Some of these books include:

-"You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay

-"Broken Open" by Elizabeth Lesser

-"Mother Hunger" by Kelly McDaniel

-"Trust: Mastering the Four Essential Trusts" by Iyanla Vanzant

The creative, reflective homework asks you each week to read assigned passages and then express how it relates to your experiences and beliefs. These then are shared within the group, and reflected on by each member.

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