Learning to Love Your Life

  • Started Jan. 10
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Service Description

Join us for an 8-week journey of emotional healing and exploration into what has prevented you from living the life you want. Using the best-selling book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, you will explore all the ways you are holding yourself back from healing, and living your most joyful and abundant life. Through art journaling and group sharing, we will seek and receive connection, acceptance, healing, and understanding. Living a life of unfulfilled desires and feeling like we are never enough can feel painful. There are many ways we have accepted old, harsh beliefs and allowed them to determine the outcome of our lives. These, along with many others, are many ways in which we live unfulfilled: -Feeling like others won’t like us if we show them our “true” selves -Seeking external and constant approval of others, and never feeling good enough -Painful relationships or not feeling seen or heard in current situations -Physical aches and pains In these group sessions, you will have the opportunity to: -Expand your understanding of shame, criticism and self-judgment -Explore where the beliefs of not being good enough came from -Discover how resentments, fear and self-criticism are holding you back -Share your thoughts and processes in a safe, confidential, and supportive space -Identify the emotional and behavioural habits that are not serving you -Feel heard and seen by others without judgment, criticism, or analysis -Create art as a form of expressing ideas, emotions and vulnerability -Take action towards being more grateful, loving, and accepting of yourself and others. Your group facilitator is Kimberly Hamilton, Registered Provisional Psychologist, Teacher, and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®.

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